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The Story Of Your Litter Box

Sep 29, 2016 12:34:46 PM

Any pet that shares your home with you 24/7 also shares every intimate detail of her daily routine. In the case of cats, that unfortunately means poop! There’s no getting away from what comes out of your cat’s back end. After all, the litter box is right there in your home for everyone to see and smell…

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Causes and Treatments for Cat Diarrhea

Jul 30, 2016 1:49:02 PM


This is for cat lovers that want a natural solution instead of pharmaceutical medicine (that stops the digestive flow) to help with cat diarrhea or constipation issues and get their cat back to health.

Warning: In this article I will discuss nasty terms like diarrhea, slime, constipation, poop and stool.

I’m a simple guy and I like to keep things simple so when I was searching for information to help me with my cat Tarzan’s diarrhea problem, I was confused as to why the authors made it so darn hard to understand.

Lot’s of medical words and I know they’re trying to help out but what they don’t understand is all I want to know is how do I get Tarzan to stop stinking up my laundry room without having to get out a medical dictionary. Read more...

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