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A testimonial from one of our new Fullbucket Tribe members talking about Daily Dog.

— Jan M.

"Full Bucket is the best probiotic there is! I adopted a dog in December and he had loose stools for 3 months until I found Full Bucket online. Changed me and my dogs' life. If your dog has stomach troubles, definitely order some. Worth every penny!"

— Cindy A. for 

" I'm so excited about this product () that I want to get it in the hands of more dog lovers. I just can't believe how quickly Rodrigo turned around after giving him the paste for a day and he takes it like a treat - loves it. "

— Kimberly G.

"I was nervous to give the  to Bailey because of her history of pancreatitis and health issues. Even though the vets confirmed it was safe, I held onto it for weeks without using it. Bailey was having a particularly rough time with her tummy issues. She was only eating every 2-3 days and was really losing weight. I felt helpless!

Luckily Julianna contacted me with a solution. She sent me the  and told me to give it to Bailey every day for a week and see if she improved. I was willing to give it a try…. After a single dose of the Probiotic Paste, Bailey started eating. By the third day, I was able to add the Daily Dog Powder to her food. She was doing great! I was really happy to see her feeling good, eating and without tummy issues.

When she got into some food she shouldn’t have, Julianna suggested I start her back on the paste again. I gave Bailey a dose of the paste and was AMAZED that her tummy issues subsided within the hour. I now have the answer to Bailey’s ongoing tummy issues. FullBucket has truly been a blessing to me and my best friend (Bailey). She gets the Daily Dog Powder in her food every day and I give her the Probiotic Paste when she has flare-ups."

— Nicole S. Organic Sunshine

" Since Seager was doing good on just the , I left him at that. On the other hand, my big Ozzy needed a boost. Ozzy doesn’t have any issues going to the bathroom but he is just so big! He has passed the 130 lb mark now and seems to need more of everything. The  did the trick! Woo Hoo! That little extra kick from the probiotic paste worked! Yep! I’m dancing around the room with my hands in the air, while they think I’ve gone crazy! You can actually stay in the room with the big boy now without fear of your eyes and nose burning! Just look at that smile! You can tell he feels good! And, it sure makes snuggling with my big lovable goof ball a WHOLE lot better!"

— Diane H. Miss Molly Says

" We love it. We have a small 16yo Jack Russell Terrier who is doing really well on it. She had a bout with renal insufficiency last summer and we started her on a new homemade diet and supplement program, of which the  is a part of. She’s doing great and is back to her normal energetic self!"

— Torea R. for Daily Dog Powder

" I am using this product at the suggestion of my veterinarian, Dr. Paul, of the Allentown Clinic for Cats. My adopted cat had recurrent bowel infections, and appears to have have food sensitivities as well. As a result, she has intermittent loose stools. I had been giving her another probiotic but when it was time to replace that, Dr. Paul suggested your product as she felt it was a superior probiotic. My cat likes it just fine, and it is easy to use--I give 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. (The other one came in capsules which I had to open and give half twice a day.)"

— Karen M. for Daily Cat Powder  for her Cat